Who Am I

I am a problem-solver, efficient, detail-orientated, dynamic and innovative. Whilst I work fast and reliably as a bookkeeper, I thrive on organizing books and systems that are in chaos. In over twenty years of working experience, I have a series of marked successes in bookkeeping, chaos and project management, as well as tax consultation and assisting individuals with personal finances. My experience is diverse and encompasses a range of sectors from the corporate environment, through to small businesses and the world of NGO's.

In 1995 I graduated from the University of the North-West (PUK) with a BCom in Economics and Accounting 2 as an extra subject. While studying, I started working as a secretary and was then invited to Pretoria to work in a similar position. I found myself constantly looking for opportunities to help the bookkeeper and realised I was made to work with finances. My first bookkeeping position was for a well-organised company, and though I learned a lot, this didn't satisfy me.

When I walked into my next job, I felt overwhelmed at first as everything was chaotic. Then I discovered that I was born to bring order from chaos. I sorted out the 1800 debtors and restructured the accounting systems.

Two children came next, and with them, the challenges to work from home while they were asleep - a fairly unpredictable matter! In 2006 I started Raakvatters Financial Services (as it was known then). What I loved most about this time was the opportunity to help clients and create solutions that suit their particular needs. My anchor client was Midstream Pre-Primary and later Midlands Pre-Primary. Their debtors were chaotic and they contacted me to get it sorted.

I was then approached to sort out the bookkeeping at Gateway International (later known as CLAY Youth Coaches). This was a challenge on a scale I’ve never experienced before and taught me a wealth of lessons. I served in the capacity of bookkeeper and office manager. Later, I also becamethe project manager of the Bubomi Project (Financial Literacy Course for underprivileged people) from 2011 - 2013.

In 2013 I started working for Exact Retail Consultants (then known as MD Retail Management Consultants). The company works with Spar Group stores that want to improve their performance. They also act as overseers of the financial & operational systems in distressed stores. It was the perfect match for me. Since I started with the company, I have done training, systems analysis and implementation - as well as bookkeeping and monitoring of the financial systems in the stores. Currently I am working as a consultant for Exact Retail Consultants and I’m offering my services to a wider scope of clients.

Raakvatters Reference


Written By Michael Broadhurst

As the General Manager of CLAY, I had the honour of working with Lizette Breytenbach from 2010 till 2012. Lizette was at CLAY during difficult times, during which the company underwent a total management change due to bad management prior to 2010. She helped bring the organisation back to financial stability from immense debt and was instrumental in re-establishing CLAY's administrative & structural foundation.

Many of our complex administrative difficulties were made easy due to her innovation and unique perspective. This unique perspective is due to the fact that she has a vast experience in a handful of fields, namely, finances, administration, legal matters, human resources & strategic planning.

Lizette has an uncanny attention to detail, as well as having the ability to see the big picture. She is loyal and trustworthy, clear-minded in decision-making and has a heart to train and empower others.

She would be an exceptional asset to any business or organisation, and her advice and training is worth its weight in gold. Any organisation that would take the time to listen and apply her advice would run like a well-oiled machine.

Still today when I think of what great problem solver or key team player should look like, I comparethem to the standard that Lizette set at CLAY.

Michael Broadhurst
Raakvatters Reference

Written by Edwin Corbett

This letter serves as a personal reference for Ms Lizette Breytenbach, with whom I worked for four years. It is a difficult letter for me to write as realise I will need to guard myself against gushing and, thereby, ruining your chances of making use of an exceptional lady's skills.

I found Lizette to have the rare combination of being both pedantic while still retaining the ability think outside the box. As a person she is even-tempered, diligent, honest and innovative with a keen sense of personal responsibility and integrity. She is likeable and sociable while remaining absolutely professional.

Lizette has strong project management skills and is well able to take a project from concept to successful conclusion, ensuring every 'I' has its dot and 'T' its cross. I miss her ability to see both the big picture, while not losing sight of the details, and vice versa.

As an accountant she has the exceptional ability to bring order where there is chaos, structure where there is disarray and truth where there is dishonesty. She has the ability to be left alone with a problem and emerge with a solution.

I can recommend her with absolute certainty that it will be the best investment you can make for your company. I have personally attempted to recruit her to Cape Town, but alas she is Gauteng bound. Wishing you both all the best on a successful partnership.

Edwin Corbett
Raakvatters Reference