We believe in a big-picture approach towards bookkeeping. As a result of this we do not look just at your bookkeeping, but the impact of the transactions on your:
  • VAT
  • Nett profit and company tax
  • Balance sheet
  • Individual tax
The process starts with an evaluation of your current books (if it exists) and your needs. From this we make recommendations on the way forward. All balance sheet accounts are confirmed and a file prepared which can be used for an independent review or audit if needed. We work closely with two accountants who can sign off financial statements. Recommendations on how to streamline your bookkeeping and record-keeping processes will be given on a continuous basis.

iconsTax consultation
Our tax snapshot is a graphic overview of all your / your business’ tax affairs.
This shows:
  • Submitted returns
  • Outstanding returns
  • Pending reviews
  • Unpaid taxes
The purpose of this tool is to:
  • Establish the current status of the taxpayer’s affairs
  • Plot a way forward to address all outstanding matters
  • Monitor & communicate progress
The result is peace of mind that you know the exact state of your tax affairs. Execution of work is always done in consultation with the client and consideration of their budget for the work. Our aim is to get your tax affairs in order and keep it that way.

iconsCompany registration services
  • Company registrations
  • Changes to existing companies
  • Submission of annual CIPC returns
Whenever a resolution is required, it will be drafted on your behalf.

iconsManagement Consulting
Most businesses have a set of books to enable them to submit tax returns. However, that same set of books contain a wealth of clues on how to manage your business better and increase your profits. Our management consulting service aims to help you do this. Since each business is different, each solution is custom-made for that particular entity. When the solution is crafted, the personality, management style and strengths of the manager(s) are taken into consideration. This is a service that works best when implemented over a period of time and adapted as needed.
  • Income & expenditure analysis
  • Debt analysis
  • Creditor reconciliations and/or repayment plans
  • Debtors management and/or initial debt collection
  • Management statements
  • Cash flow projections
  • Break-even analysis
  • Sales / Time trackers
  • Customised templates
  • Procedure manuals
Our greatest fulfilment comes from a successful client.